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"All my colours turn to clouds." (Echo & the Bunnymen)


Adelmo Avancini

Digital Art


Purely digital art, produced in high resolution and richness of detail.

Beauty, provocation, search for meaning and transcendence are the qualities that inspire dialogue with the public, who are always surprised by the colors and the intense and unusual lights that their work reveals.

Among others, in 2017 he was present with his works in the exhibition of Carroussel du Louvre (Paris), from 20 to 22 of October; in the exhibition "Formas e Cores", at Porto Art Gallery, in Porto (Portugal), and at the exhibition at the Anjos Art Gallery (Rio de Janeiro), from 7 to October 31.

In 2018, he already participated in the exhibition "Os Segredos que São Paulo Esconde", in Espacio Uruguay, in São Paulo, and the exhibition "Encontros", at JOH MABE Space Art and Culture (also in São Paulo), from 14 to 28 March. He also participated in the exhibition "Cores de São Paulo", at the Anjos Art Gallery (Rio de Janeiro), from 3 to 29 March.

He also participated in the "Arte Expo New York" Fair, one of the biggest art expos in the world, from 19 to 22 April.

In October 2018, he participated in two exhibitions in Portugal: "4 Estações", in Galiarte Espaço Artístico (Lisbon) and Collective Exhibition of Brazilian Painters (Castelo de Vide).

In 2019, he participated in the launch exhibition of the Luxus annual magazine (São Paulo).

It was also quoted in the Italian magazine “100 Artisti Emergenti Su Cui Investire 2019”.

In 2020, Avancini gave an interview to the magazine "Viva Cultura", which gave rise to the article "Magnetic explosion of colors in the digital art of the visual artist Adelmo Avancini". He participated again in the Luxus Magazine yearbook.

The main tool of communication with his followers is Instagram: . It’s an experimentation area, so everything that is produced is published there.


Some selected are published on Facebook: . Among these, some are also on Tumblr (



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