“All my colours turn to clouds” (Echo and the Bunnymen) is the motto / theme of all my art.


All my art try to "manifest" the general idea of holomovement: a movement that hides and reveals colors and shapes.


The American physicist David Bohm believed that all we perceive of reality is only the externalization or manifestation of a much wider reality, "in a continuous movement of enfoldment and unfoldment, of hiding and showing itself". Everything that is manifest is floating in this "holomovement."


The word "manifesto" is based on "mani," which means "hold by hand," It is something solid and tangible, visibly stable. "It is the eternal stream temporarily imprisoned or reaching stability temporarily." (David Bohm).


Even the cloud maintains a stable form, and therefore, it can be considered a manifestation of the movement of the wind. In the same way, we can consider that matter forms clouds within the holomovement, manifesting it, making it perceptible.


All beings are forms of holomovement. This, of course, includes the human being with all his faculties.


© 2017 by Adelmo Avancini.

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