About me

Adelmo Avancini, digital artist, began drawing at the age of five and had as his first inspirations the comics and the universe of Monteiro Lobato. An engineer by training, the profession gave him intimacy with the digital world, the path he chose to enter the world of art.


From playing with images manipulation, things were getting serious and turned into abstract art, based mainly in the concrete images deconstruction (movie scenes, female models, landscapes), which are the starting point for a colorful and impactful digital art .


He began to publish his work on the Internet through social networks and from the interaction of his artistic experiments with his followers, develops his work and keeps an intense artistic production.


Among others, he participated in the Carroussel du Louvre (Paris) exhibitions from October 20 to 22 and in the "Formas e Cores" exhibition at the Porto Art Gallery, in Porto (Portugal). He is participating in the exhibition "Secredos que São Paulo Esconde", in Espacio Uruguay, in São Paulo.

He also participated in the "Arte Expo New York" Fair, one of the biggest art expos in the world, from 19 to 22 April.

In October 2018, he participated in two exhibitions in Portugal: "4 Estações", in Galiarte Espaço Artístico (Lisbon) and Collective Exhibition of Brazilian Painters (Castelo de Vide).


Beauty, provocation, search for meaning and transcendence are the qualities that inspire the dialogue with his audience, who is always surprised by the colors and the intense and unusual lights that his work reveals.

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